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Our Volunteers & Donors are KEY

Volunteers and Donors are the Foundations to KEYS Success

Our volunteers and donors are part of a select group of people across Tallahassee whom KEYS has invited to our events year after year.  We are incredibly grateful for your ongoing support of our endeavors for the past 13 years with your donations, attendance, and love.  You have touched our lives and have stepped up to help this committee find meaningful paths for persons with disabilities and, in the process, made our community a better place.  We are grateful for your place in our lives and this effort.

KEYS committee members came together to research, advocate, and raise funds for initiatives to provide continuing education opportunities for young people with disabilities.   What we never anticipated when we started this years ago was that you would be helping us create new opportunities with the funds you have donated.

We sincerely appreciate you selecting KEYS for your time and gifts. YOU are the reason that hundreds of people with disabilities across Tallahassee and the Big Bend have opportunities they never dreamed possible.

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