Project Description

Scholarships Help Our Students Thrive

Tallahassee Community College AA program

Image of KEYS Students at Bus Stop

Through KEYS many years of awarding scholarships, the vast majority of our scholars have enrolled in Tallahassee Community College in pursuit of an Associate of Arts degree with many going on to pursue higher degrees.

In addition to individual scholarships awarded to students, KEYS has endowed a scholarship at TCC for students with disabilities and we are proud that The KEYS Scholarship is listed among the many donor-funded TCC scholarships.

We are honored to be part of the TCC family and grateful for TCC’s responsiveness to our community in serving this population of students along with the rest of their student body.

We give all credit to you — our sponsors and donors. We fully realize that it is YOUR support that has helped us forge new paths of learning and new opportunities for people with disabilities.